About the Cherry Bekaert Wealth Management Process

At Cherry Bekaert Wealth Management, our mission is to help clients clearly define their goals and to design a long-range plan that maximizes the probability of achieving their goals.

Cherry Bekaert Wealth Management’s unique financial planning and integrated solutions are a highly focused process resulting from years of experience advising professionals, executives and businesses.

Our process begins with establishing our clients’ goals and expectations, and identifying obstacles. These are examined and integrated into financial planning recommendations. With our concept of comprehensive financial planning, Nobel Prize-winning and academic-based philosophy of the financial markets, and a team approach, Cherry Bekaert Wealth Management offers its clients an effective financial planning solution.

We incorporate four significant investment concepts:

  1. Structure explains performance
  2. Markets work
  3. Risk and return are related
  4. Diversification is the antidote to uncertainty

Wealth Management is a structured and thoughtful process that provides individualized custom investment solutions, advanced planning and relationship management. Cherry Bekaert Wealth Management may assist with a range of financial challenges beyond investments including wealth enhancement, wealth transfer, wealth protection and charitable planning. We lead our clients through a wealth management process to help them identify and understand their needs and related investment strategies.

Our mission is to help our clients clearly define their goals and design a long-range plan that maximizes the probability of achieving all that is important to them. As a trusted advisor we work closely with our clients and, through these relationships, we are able to gain a thorough understanding of our clients’ needs. We work with our network, on behalf of our clients’ best interests, to select expert consultants, a team of specialists including trust and estate attorneys, tax planners, accounts and insurance consultants, and design a comprehensive wealth management plan.